Informations for new patients


Fees schedule

  • 50 minutes: $90 Initial visit
  • 40 minutes: $70 
  • 30 minutes: $50 

All visits excludes herbal products. Selection of organic, premium, labs-tested, or medical grade products are available onsite for your convenience. Once prepared, they are not refundable, or exchangeable. You are not obligated to purchase them at my workplace. 

Preparation for each visits

You are recommended to come prepared:

  1. Come early: the scheduled time is the time you are ready on the treatment bed.
  2. Upon arrival, mute your phone (no ring, no vibration); change into loose cloths or shorts.
  3. Avoid using heavy make-up or wearing heavy scent.
  4. Do not come overly hungry, or overly full.
  5. At the end of your session, kindly remove the bed sheet and leave the door wide open.

First visit

The first visit starts with a review of your health history, then typically, we proceed to the examination, assessment and treatment. This takes up to 50 minutes.

You will have to fill an Initial Health History Questionnaire. To save time, it is recommended to fill it ahead of your first visit or come 15 minutes early and fill it at the clinic. 

A typical follow-up session of TCM acupuncture with Giao TRAN

  1. Make sure to come 5 to 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment. This will give you time to go to the washroom, to get to your room, to change into shorts and get comfortable on the treatment bed before Giao begins treatment at the scheduled time. Remember to put your phone on airplane mode. If you need refill for your herbal prescription, state it out clearly at the beginning of the session.
  2. During your visit Giao will often need to assess your condition by palpating. This can include palpation of the abdomen, the back and neck or feeling the limbs to assess your condition. If you are uncomfortable at any point, let Giao know. If you wish to have another individual in the room, such as a female assistant or a family member, you are welcomed to have someone else present. 
  3. When needed, thin needles will be inserted on the body. Typically 2 to 10 needles are used. They are very fine, sterile, single-use needles. 
  4. While needles are in you will remain laying on the bed for a varying length of time, usually between 5 to 30 minutes (for adults). For infants, there is no retention of needles or no needle at all. During this time try to relax, and let your mind rest. Try not to think of the past or the future, but rather be in the present, and eventually falling asleep.
  5. There will be a bell left with you near or in your hand or on the belly. If at any time during your session you feel the need to call Giao, ring the bell continuously until someone enters the room. Don't be shy. You may hear the ring loudly but Giao may not.
  6. At the end of the session, the needles will be removed by Giao or his trained assistant. At this time the treatment is over and you are free to leave. You may remain for a few minutes extra to rest if you wish, but not too long, we need the room for other patients.
  7. Upon leaving your treatment room, kindly dispose the used bed sheet in its basket and leave the door wide open. It's a signal the room is available for the next patient.