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Hello! Bonjour! My name is Dong Giao TRAN, I am a traditional Chinese medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist. You may call me "Giao" (pronounced like "ciao" with a G). Let me introduce myself.

I was formerly a Civil Engineer. I had the joy of building bridges and tunnels, managing the reparation of power nuclear plants in high radiation zones in France and in Hong-Kong. Upon realizing there is more in life than achievements, I changed careers to follow my family medical lineage in traditional East Asian medicine and acupuncture, a medicine and philosophy that I was exposed to since teenager at my father (Western and Eastern) medical clinic. After years of practice in the field and guidance from conscientious senior doctors, and practitioners, I have gained the knowledge and expertise to treat a variety of ailments, diseases and injuries. 

Scientist by training, passionate by nature, I am committed to providing quality of care and clinical results to my patients; methodical hands-on training to junior fellow practitioners. For this, I constantly refine my clinical skills and knowledge through research and periodical practice alongside conscientious senior clinicians in Vietnam, France, Germany, Switzerland. When time permits, I also involve in the community or provide treatments to patients in less developed countries. I am also proud to be a mentor of caring acupuncturists and medical doctors learning traditional Chinese medicine, both in Canada and abroad.

To provide integrative care, I believe practitioners should be professional, compassionate and sincere. The recovery process from health issue is a journey. It requires a close partnership between the patients, their healthcare providers, their family. I provide this service to all of my patients, in French or in English, with or without cancer, at the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre and at my private practice in the Westboro Village.

As an old saying said: "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". Let's have a walk together.

Dong-Giao TRAN

Acupuncturist | Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (R.Ac., R.TCMP.)

"The Way to do is the way to be" - Lao-zi

"Opportunistic relationship can hardly be kept constant. The acquaintance of honourable people, even at a distance, does not add flowers in times of warmth and does not change its leaves in times of cold: it continues unfading through the four seasons, becoming increasingly stable as it passes through ease and danger." - Zhu-ge LIANG [181-234]

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