About Giao TRAN


Hello! Bonjour! My full name is Dong-Giao TRAN, I am a registered traditional Chinese medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist. You may call me "Giao" (pronounced like "ciao" with a G). Let me introduce myself.

I was formerly a Civil Engineer. I had the joy of building bridges and tunnels, managing the reparation of power nuclear plants in high radiation zones in France and in Hong-Kong. After completing those challenging projects, I changed careers to follow my family medical lineage in traditional East Asian medicine and acupuncture, a medicine and philosophy I was exposed to since young age, in particular at my father medical clinic. After years of practice in the field and guidance from various conscientious senior doctors, and practitioners, I have gained the knowledge and expertise to treat a variety of ailments, diseases and injuries, well beyond neurological disorders.

Scientist by training, passionate and problem solver by nature, I am committed to providing quality of care and clinical results to my patients. For this, I constantly refine my clinical skills and knowledge through research and periodical practice alongside senior clinicians in Vietnam, France, Germany, Switzerland. When time permits, I also involve in the community or provide treatments to patients in less developed countries. I am also proud to be a mentor of caring licensed acupuncturists and medical doctors learning traditional Chinese medicine, both in Canada and abroad.

To provide integrative care, I believe practitioners should be professional, compassionate and sincere. The recovery process from health issues is a journey. It requires a close partnership between the patients, their healthcare providers and their family. I provide this service to all of my patients, in French or in English, with or without cancer.

As an old saying said: "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". Let's have a walk together.

Dong-Giao TRAN

"The Way to do is the way to be" - Lao-zi

My contributions to, and involvement in the community

Tibetan Community in Dharamshala (pdf)


CBC Ottawa - Pain Management (pdf)


Bruyere Panel Discussion in 18Oct2017- an integrative approach to pain (png)