Traditional Chinese Medicine


In Ontario and in major English speaking countries (members of the World Health Organization), the medicine I practice is called Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In Quebec, it's called traditional Oriental medicine (TOM). TCM includes 5 key modalities:

  1. Advice on way of life 
  2. Acupuncture and Moxibustion
  3. Herbology
  4. Acupressure, cupping, Guasha, tuina-massage
  5. Meditation, Taichi / Qigong

TCM is about balance and harmony. Internally it values the homeostatic, the harmony the Yin and Yang, the Five Elements (Water, Fire, Wood, Metal, and Earth) and the free flow of the Blood and Qi. Externally, it promotes harmony  with the environment and moderation in actions. 

With proper diagnosis, or patterns differentiation, TCM may provide relief for a wide variety of conditions ranging from common ailments to specialized care such as managing cancer treatments related side effects and palliative care, lymphedema, edema, neuropathy and pain management, sport and athlete performance and injuries, concussion, post concussion, post-stroke rehabilitation, fertility, sexual dysfunction, tremours...etc. 

Treatments will attempt to address both the symptoms and the underlying causes of the imbalances taking into account each patient unique constitution (the gestalt). 

With the spirit of disease prevention, self-care, throughout different visits, we will regularly review your conditions together and attempt to establish potential causes of your ailments and understand the patho-dynamic. From there, objective markers of progress will be set. This allows you to track your progress. You also will learn what you can do for yourself through lifestyle, diet, exercises and mental/emotional attitude to prevent the coming back of certain patterns. 

"Be the light to yourself" - Krishnamurti

Acupuncture with TCM Diagnosis


Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that has been practiced for over 3,000 years. It acts to balance and rebuild the body’s “Qi” (pronounced “chi”).

Acupuncture theory recognizes special pathways in the body called “meridians” through which the Qi circulates. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) views disease as the result of an imbalance or blockage in the body’s natural energy flow. Such imbalances can manifest in physical, emotional, and stress-related disorders. In our practice we use acupuncture as a way to unblock or influence Qi and help it flow back into balance. 

This authentic, wholistic approach is very different from simplified versions of needles therapy (sometimes misleadingly called "acupuncture") performed by other professions, without a TCM diagnosis, such as Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Medical doctors or Naturopathic doctors who are not Registered Acupuncturists or Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners. It is clear that TCM modalities are best practiced with TCM diagnosis. Shortcuts  or simplified version of this ancient medicine certainly leads to poor outcome.

Acupuncture is performed by placing very thin needles into your skin at certain points or acupoints and leaving them there for a short while as you rest. This is done to influence the energy flow. For most people, the effect often instills a sense of peace and tranquility.

Medical research has taken a big look at why and how the stimulation of acupuncture points helps relieve pain. Evidence shows that the body’s natural painkillers such as endorphins and peptide opioids are released during acupuncture treatment. 

As well, acupuncture stimulates the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland, resulting in a broad range of systemic effects. Blood flow has also been shown to increase along with alterations in the secretion of neurotransmitters and neurohormones. Many research studies have shown that acupuncture therapy also positively impacts the immune system.

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Moxibustion or Heat Therapy


Drawing upon a traditional Chinese medicine practice, a form of sage called mugwort is burned near various acupoints around the body to stimulate blood flow, improve organ function, and relieve pain. With proper technique and diagnosis, moxibustion is an excellent complement to acupuncture to treat deficient cold conditions with or without stagnation (in traditional Chinese medicine meaning).

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“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift... That's why they call it present” ― Master Oogway (Kung-Fu Panda)

TCM Herbology


Herbal medicine is a type of medicine that uses roots, stems, leaves, flowers or seeds to improve health, prevent disease and treat illness.  

For thousands of years people have relied on Mother Nature to provide remedies for their ailments. Through trial and error, time-tested formulas proven to be safe and effective are handed down and valued till today. With the advancement of technology and science, each ingredient or herb has been studied, laboratory tested and demonstrated to be safe for regular use at certain doses, under certain conditions. Therefore, when properly used according to a diagnosis, they deliver outstanding benefits to our health to provide healing for our ailments, to reinforce our immune system, to improve energy, concentration, to nourish and balance the body. All done naturally!   

Alongside with acupuncture and moxibustion, I frequently use herbal medicine to fasten the outcome of certain protracted conditions, such as: 

  • Cancer support
  • Low immuno-functions, low blood counts (white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets), 
  • Chronic fatigue or low energy, 
  • Digestive issues (celiac, IBS, diarrhea, constipation, gastroparesis), 
  • Edema, lymphedema, fluid retention
  • Tremour and managing Parkinson's Disease symptoms
  • Alopecia and irregular hair growth (after chemo-therapy)
  • Fibroids, cysts, abnormal bleeding
  • Erectile dysfunction, low libido, incontinence, polyuria
  • Pain, headache, migraine, especially fibromyalgia etc...

Patients to keep in mind I adhere to the Code of Conduct where health professionals are not permitted to receive financial benefits through the sale of products they prescribed. Therefore, you are free to purchase herbal products to wherever it suits you. I recommend organic, labs tested products from reputable sources. 

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"Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better". Albert EINSTEIN